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How To Increase Your Audience

We often meet producers at entertainment events and notice most of them share same frustration. The challenge to build and increase an audience.

They sell their content and their productions, to buyers in new markets.

Their movie does not have the same impact, and fail to engage the viewers.

After spending lots of time and money on their projects the mistake most of them make is pretty much the same.

They low quality of the dubbing.

Either they hire a studio for it or, in most cases, the buyer takes care of this part.

What we see, most of the time, is the person on charge of this department is usually responsible for this.

Normally they deal with the Text Localization and the Dubbing vendors.

They hire someone not based on their capacity and quality of their work, but because of other reasons with shady interests behind.

Same as if you buy a Porsche 911 and put a Toyota Corolla's wheels on it.

I'm sure the Porsche 911 will not grab as much attention.

Same happens with the movies and tv series.

So, who is driving your content and productions?

Take care of it and then I'm sure you will see a much better engaged audience asking for the next episode and the next season.

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